Be the Ramen Champion: Join Thunder Spicy Miso Ramen Contest

Do you love ramen? Do you love spicy soup? How many bowls of spicy ramen can you eat? ...

Do you love ramen? Do you love spicy soup? How many bowls of spicy ramen can you eat?

Start the New Year with a bang. Naruto Ramen got the perfect challenge and that is the Thunder Spicy Miso Ramen Contest. On a regular basis, Naruto Ramen sets a contest that involves their delicious bowls and this month it is all about a bowl of Thunder Spicy Miso Ramen. Regular patrons of Naruto Ramen knows that they can’t pass something flavorful like a Japanese style miso ramen bowl. For noodle lovers, this challenge is a walk in the park.

Head down to Naruto Ramen in 100th St. and take the challenge. The rewards of finishing a spicy bowl include bragging rights, a certificate and of course devouring a yummy noodle soup.

The Thunder Spicy Miso Ramen Contest is an adventure of getting a bowl filled with sliced pork, cabbage, carrots, onions, fish cake, half boiled egg, scallions, corn, and bean sprouts. The highlight is the ramen and of course the Thunder spicy soup. The bowl is alarmingly spicy, but you can choose from three spicy levels. Three is the hottest. Naruto Ramen will serve the bowl hot so prepare a spicy aroma facial. The first slurp would give you a bolt. (Naruto Ramen gives a fair warning so proceed with caution). It would be too hard to stop once you start so opting out will not be on the horizon.

Winning the thunder spicy challenge is easy. Head down to 100th st Naruto Ramen, pay $15, choose the spicy level, wait for your Japanese style spicy miso ramen, finish the bowl including the soup and toppings and receive a Naruto special certificate.

Ready to get hit by a thunderbolt. Visit Naruto Ramen today.


212 222 0229
2634 Broadway New York, NY 10025
(@ W100th St)
Open Daily!
Sun-Thu 12:00-10:00pm
Fri & Sat 12:00-11:00pm


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