Cosplayers, A bowl of Ramen Awaits You

Are you dressed up and ready to eat? Come dress as your favorite character and get a free bowl of Naruto Ramen. ...

The weekend of October 8 to 9 2015 is going to be fun for ramen lovers. There is an exciting event that will happen at Naruto Ramen UWS (100th Street). From 2pm to 6pm, the store will be giving away 20 bowls of ramen to 20 cosplayers. Members of the cosplay community have to be creative in order to get a free bowl of Ramen. This event will challenge the cosplayers to dress up in their favorite character and head down to Naruto Ramen. The managers can’t wait what you come up with. The event is to show respect and appreciation to the loyal customer of the shop.

Date and Time :
October 8(Thu) 2015 from 2pm to 6pm.
October 9(Fri) 2015 from 2pm to 6pm.

Rules of the Promotion:

  1. Everyone is eligible to join with cosplay costume. Take note that the restaurant manager is the one who to decide if you get a free bowl of Naruto Ramen.
  2. You will also need to follow the official instagram account of Naruto Ramen, post a photo and tag Naruto Ramen to earn a bowl.
  3. The promotion only runs on the specified time and date.
  4. Only the Naruto Ramen UWS (100th Street) is holding this promotion. Its other branches are not part of this exciting event.
  5. Only one bowl of Naruto Ramen is given per person.
  6. It is serving only the first 20 people in Cosplay costume. So hurry!
  7. Only two tables are available for this promotion. The other cosplayers will have to wait for their turn.
  8. Follow our instagram account for photos of the event.
  9. We will also be displaying photos of the event in the restaurant.

2634 Broadway NY, NY
(@ W100th st.)
212 222 0229
Eat in and
Pick Up Only


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