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  • Oct

    Cosplayers, A bowl of Ramen Awaits You

    Are you dressed up and ready to eat? Come dress as your favorite character and get a free bowl of Naruto Ramen. ...
  • Jul


    We are excited to announce our new Naruto Ramen shop, NA opening soon in August (probably middle of August). We are keeping to post latest news in our website. ...
  • May

    NARUTO TSUKE MEN come back !

    Naruto Ramen's tsukemen (ramen noodles which are eaten by dipping in soup), which were highly popular last year, have returned this summer. You can get up to 2 portions of noodles for no extra charge. This will definitely make you full....
  • May

    Naruto Ramen’s cold noodle, Hiyashi Chu-ka !

    Summer has made its long-awaited return to New York! Naruto Ramen has begun its hiyashi chuka (cold noodles). In Japan, one of the things that is strongly associated with the summer season is the well renowned hiyashi chuka. Naruto Ramen’s hiyashi chuka will cool you down and leave you feeling refreshed!...
  • May

    Milk Ramen, Simply Awesome! (Naruto Ramen Express only)

    Grilled chicken and a milky soup come together for an exquisite match. The Ramen soup is a full flavour soup that is not too heavy, something that only Naruto Ramen can accomplish. The special for May at Naruto Ramen Express is milk ramen. ...
  • Apr


    We at Naruto Ramen are now introducing a challenging new ramen that has never been seen before in our history! Its name is Naruto Tomato Ramen!...
  • Mar

    Healthy and Tasty ! Ankake Vegetable & Pork Ramen

    {NARUTO RAMEN EXPRESS (GRAMERCY)} Naruto Ramen Express(Gramercy) launched Ankake Vegetable and Pork RAMEN as April special Ramen! Available order by end of April. If you want to enjoy this hot ramen in your warmy home, you can call Naruto Ramen Express to use delivery service. About delivery system. Just $12 ($11.02+tax) Topping Include: Shabushabu pork, Chinese Cabbage, Carrot, Shiitake mushroom, beansprout ナルトラーメンエクスプレスの4月のスペシャルラーメンは、野菜たっぷり!野菜と豚のあんかけラーメンです。しゃぶしゃぶ用の豚肉ともやし、キャベツ等のたくさんのお野菜にとろーりあんかけがかかった食べれば食べるほど食欲が増す、誰もがはまってしまうラーメンの登場です。なるとラーメンエクスプレスはデリバリーも行っておりますので、気軽にご家庭でお楽しみいただけます。ご自宅のデリバリーエリアをご確認ください。 NARUTO RAMEN EXPRESS (GRAMERCY) 133 E.31st New York, NY (btw Lex. & Park ave.)  212 904 1412 Eat in and Delivery Available 11:30-10:00pm...
  • Mar

    Bigger and Tastier ! Chicken Teriyaki Platter

    We have great news regarding our Teriyaki Chicken Platter ! We've increased the portion of chicken and improved the cooking method to make it softer and even more delicious than before! ...
  • Mar

    New Menu : Vegetable Gyoza

    In Japan, before eating ramen it is very typical to drink beer with gyoza. Of course, you can even order naruto ramen (only at Naruto Ramen Brooklyn and Naruto Ramen UES ). Nowadays, naruto ramen is suitable for all tastebuds, and vegetable gyoza has appeared on the regular menu. ...
  • Mar

    BEEF RAMEN and BEF BUNS at Naruto Ramen Brooklyn

    Finally everyone is able to order our NEW March Special Ramen, Beef Ramen and Beef Buns at Naruto Ramen Brooklyn! Beef Ramen : $14 + tax Beef Buns with spicy mayo : $8 +tax 3月のなるとラーメンブルックリンのスペシャルメニューとして、ビーフラーメンとビーフバンズをご提供いたします。ボリュームたっぷりビーフラーメンとピリ辛マヨがかかった絶妙スパイシーなビーブバンズでまだまだ終わらないブルックリンの冬を乗り切りましょう! NARUTO RAMEN (BROOKLYN) 276 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY (btw 4th Ave & Garfield Pl) 718 832 1111 Eat in and Pick Up Only Sun-Thu 12:00-10:00pm Fri & Sat 12:00-11:00pm...