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  • Apr

    Say hello to Green Curry Ramen

    This season they just unveiled a new staple and that is the Green Curry Ramen. ...
  • Mar

    Celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day the Art Way

    We are inviting everyone to say Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Father’s Day with creative art work!...
  • Jan

    Be the Ramen Champion: Join Thunder Spicy Miso Ramen Contest

    Do you love ramen? Do you love spicy soup? How many bowls of spicy ramen can you eat? ...
  • Aug

    The year of the poke has arrived and its Pokelicious!

    Hungry? Drop by the store and say hello to this packed bowl....
  • Jun

    Cosplay Contest 2016 is back!!!!!

    Naruto Ramen 100th street is proudly bringing back its exciting Cosplay Contest!...
  • Apr


    RAMEN PAN is first collaboration product of Café ZAIYA and Naruto Ramen. Café ZAIYA over 25 years in the baking industry and they have 5 locations in NY and NJ areas. We worked together to create Ramen Pan. It is the first innovative product by Japanese Bakery master and Japanese Ramen master in NYC. The product will be launched the Japan Festival which will happen in Boston. Take note that they will serve only 50 Ramen Pans so be there early if you want to try this exciting product. カフェザイヤとナルトラーメン、初のコラボレーション「ラーメンパン」! カフェザイヤは、ニューヨーク・ニュージャージーに5店舗を構え、パン作り25年の歴史を誇る老舗のベーカリーです。そのパン職人とわがナルトラーメンがタッグを組み共同開発した「ラーメンパン」が、ボストンで開催されるJapan Festivalにて販売されます。50個の限定販売となりますのでお見逃しなく! Japan Festival BOSTON 4/24 (Sun) 11am- 6pm...
  • Mar

    Super Mega X 2 Contest Coming Up This May

    LIKE RAMEN? Think you got what it takes to eat more than 5 pounds of ramen? If yes, how about taking the challenge sponsored by Naruto Ramen 100th street? The contest is called Super Mega X 2 Contest. Who will eat the most ramen in 30 minutes? The champion will win a $100 Naruto Ramen gift card. The challengers will not go home empty handed as they will get free gyoza coupons with various denominations. Here are some of its rules: Every challenger will get 5lbs Naruto Mega x2 ramen at the start of the challenge. Once they finished...
  • Dec

    Naruto Ramen Party Platter 

    Tired of eating the same dishes at holiday parties? If you are, try Naruto Ramen party platter :)...
  • Nov

    Hell’s Fire Contest presented by Naruto Ramen

    If you want a different kind of challenge then you should try the Hell’s Fire contest....
  • Oct

    Cosplayers, A bowl of Ramen Awaits You

    Are you dressed up and ready to eat? Come dress as your favorite character and get a free bowl of Naruto Ramen. ...