• May

    NARUTO TSUKE MEN come back !

    Naruto Ramen's tsukemen (ramen noodles which are eaten by dipping in soup), which were highly popular last year, have returned this summer. You can get up to 2 portions of noodles for no extra charge. This will definitely make you full....
  • May

    Naruto Ramen’s cold noodle, Hiyashi Chu-ka !

    Summer has made its long-awaited return to New York! Naruto Ramen has begun its hiyashi chuka (cold noodles). In Japan, one of the things that is strongly associated with the summer season is the well renowned hiyashi chuka. Naruto Ramen’s hiyashi chuka will cool you down and leave you feeling refreshed!...
  • May

    Milk Ramen, Simply Awesome! (Naruto Ramen Express only)

    Grilled chicken and a milky soup come together for an exquisite match. The Ramen soup is a full flavour soup that is not too heavy, something that only Naruto Ramen can accomplish. The special for May at Naruto Ramen Express is milk ramen. ...